Follow the links under the year to open the Excel Spreadsheet  and view  the results for that year.

The results are from trading the main pairs I focus on and taken as per the written rules from what I trade by and teach. As you look through year by year the main thing that stands out is the best trading is always the first 3 months of the year.

Over time the reward to risk  ratio for the Set - Time would stand around 4 to 1 Reward to Risk and the PT3 is 2 to 1  Reward to Risk. furthermore I start my trading risk at 2.5% of the account for Set Time and 3% for PT3 with a cap at 5% and a maximum of 4 live trades at any one time.

I have quite a few students work through these results after the completing the course to see if these results are accurate  and at this point have had no arguments of such.

My prospective is always look at the down side of everything and if it works out better then that is fine so look at the results and do some calculations if you only managed half of the trades listed it is still very much an above average result as to what we are brainwashed to accept or aim for.