What I offer is not a "Get Rich Quick Scheme"
The fact is - Trading is simply running your own business.

You have landed on this page for a reason, and for some of you the first thought possibly, if you have already paid for useless education is ‘here we go again is this another scam, why am I reading this? Or you just keep getting nowhere after you think “ I have it this time”  then as soon as you start to trade, it turns to garbage and its back to square 1 , maybe you have even been doing that now for years believing you will stumble on the answer some day . Possibly some of you have become bitter towards educators in general and that they really do not care about your interests only relieving you of your money , even though they  make all these fanciful claims how easy it is, and I truly understand how you are left feeling   that way, given my knowledge of the shonks that abound and how they operate , check out the TAB above -Avoiding Scams-, calling themselves the worlds no 1, academies, taught thousands to trade  etc etc. If you are the odd percentage that has had a brief go and quickly realize there is way more going on than random trading, then what you have already saved in time and lost money is going to give you a giant head start to the majority who lose their first trading account then seek help.

In view of the above facts and right from the outset , if you are someone who needs a sugar coated version and  to be made feel all warm and fuzzy inside  with dreams and images  of yachts and private jets , thinking you are entering into this big exciting  world  of  easy  money  where you are led to believe, sitting at the coffee shop, laptop in hand  with all your friends throwing a trade on and at the end of the week making all this money is a reality,  then I  am going to burst that bubble, it does not happen like that . Excellent money however can be derived from trading, but it doesn't come from that mindset and requires a realistic business approach ..

I have worked extremely hard to get where I am, there are no  degrees behind my name, no  Hedge fund attached, NO Broker Alliances, no  I appeared on TV everyone knows me , all of that means absolutely nothing except you are a good at marketing yourself,  it does prove anything and  you know how to trade, the limelight chasers do it for a reason, THEY CAN TALK the WALK , but they CAN NOT WALK the TALK,  and sadly that is where the majority are fooled instantly in believing the media presentation to create the illusion of grandeur, I  DO NOT  NEED IT to achieve success and nor do you . I know trading inside out from 23 years practical and trading experience and rather take a low key approach in the world of massive egos and fanciful claims as i am a No Frills person and only deal in RELEVANT facts to help place you in the top 10% of Traders.

What I offer has been made up from 23 years of actually trading , filtering and testing , it is not a $199.95  reduced to $39.99  and if you hurry, today only is $29.99  cooked up system that will fail 3 months down the track.

My perspective when it comes to earning money from trading as a living is  about growing wealth at a safe level which is still far above the suggested "normal" of Bank Interest or the 7% Managed Fund, to me this is not investing, it is wasting time and energy . Using the knowledge  learned  has taught me how to reduce risk in what is regarded a high risk profession, using the unique approach I have developed which aligns with the logarithms used by the Liquidity Providers to control market flow.

Forex Trading  has now taken on more importance in the way we either earn or supplement or income in  the difficult  financially  times we are entering into and working from home is now the new normal .
My question to you is - 
 Do you embrace this opportunity to do things differently ?
 OR look at the glass half empty, and complain that the Government isn't helping you enough?

The positive successful people embrace the change, they learn to do things differently and move on.
I believe we all  strive deep down to be a successful person, so for those who are and  want to Trade Forex Professionally,  - then I can assist you with REAL and GENUINE strategies that work consistently over  time. 
There are no secret codes exposed, deep secret workings behind the scenes of the banks exposed, and all the other gimmicks we are bombarded with by the fakes and scam education that does not prepare you for the reality of trading, which is simply running another business, you have to treat it like one, have respect for it, have rules you operate by, and understand  business may be booming 1 week and slack the next and more importantly know the times of the year when YOUR BUSINESS DOES BEST, this is huge, and is NEVER written about , do you see any retailer close their doors 2 weeks before Xmas? NEVER , trading is no different, the easiest and best trading  is seasonal, 

As  you  consider undertaking this Course gaining genuine knowledge of how the market is structured and earn money from it,  imagine how it will feel to have made that positive changes in your life, and now the future of living  without a boss or having employees to continually account for is a very real possibility.

  I take people out of what they know and guide them through what they don't know, make learning a pleasurable experience and  change  the way you live your life today, to a place where  you have only ever dreamed of being until now .


Now  the big question - Do I try to learn by myself or seek help?

I urge you to take the next step very carefully and checkout  Scams. It will be an  eye opener for some of you !
 I pride myself in offering genuine education and stand out from the herd because I have NO  AFFILIATION with any Broker, this allows me to teach you strategies that do not require the tick of approval from Liquidity Providers. that ensures you never have a real advantage as like it or not the reality again is you are trading against them and if you dot understand the game then you will quickly see why  85% of Traders lose everything.

Its not necessary to seek help , however have you ever wanted to make a significant change in you life immediately, rather than spending years and years , or have you ever imagined being able to move on in a matter of weeks to achieve a significant milestone in your life .
If you were to hire my services today then imagine where you will be in a months time.



Work with a  Private Professional Trader to launch you 
into  the top 10% of Winning Traders.

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Overview of results from GBPAUD and GBPJPY from January  to August 2020 set out on the Risk  spreadsheet that comes with the Course. This an overview of  how i use this spreadsheet  and the results. 

Also i explain how the Liquidity Providers drive the market to exhaustion prior to a significant move occurring as in the GBPAUD at present.

Working through the results of PT3

 Filtering losing trades as part of your trading plan in an overview of the PT3 Indicator Tool Mark developed for this strategy he uses on Fx, Futures, Stocks and long range targets on Indexes .

This strategy used on a 6 month chart of the Dow Jones combined with the extension rules of 50 & 100% predicted the top of the Dow to hit 26600 when it was at 15500 at the start of 2013. At a time when the powers that be said the Dow could not get past where it was for years.Charts ALWAYS tell the true story if you have the right way to use them. This formation when technically correct has worked the very same right back to the crash of 1929.                       

Move to trading Futures

The smart traders are investigating this option.
With the introduction of the Micro Emini Futures contract in May 2019 is significant as smaller  traders have been given a chance to trade a very lucrative instrument as well as FX.