Join me on a journey into changing your life for the better.


Have you ever wanted to invest safely and securely to produce an income, supplement an income or protect your  hard earned nest egg ?

The Strategies, risk evaluation and timing are exactly as i trade myself to achieve the results i desire.


 I am a  down to earth person who takes trading very seriously and have meticulously developed this stand alone course to lessen your trading losses and strengthen your trading power and knowledge. As you consider the benefits of using my experience, take a second to think of the advantage you will have over the novice traders.  I am not about wasting my time or your money. I will teach you what you need to know without leaving you more confused. If you feel the need to learn irrelevant information, I would suggest maybe visit the library and do it for free, especially Technical Analysis, it is way over rated and the best place for it is still under the icon on your toolbar..
After investing in education you need to have gained confidence or expertise  to execute trades professionally, or you are always going to flounder.



This is an intensive 2 day course and below is an outline of the areas we will cover at length to give you all the key skills you require to gain the edge.

* The basic language of Foreign Exchange.

The currency pairs and how they impact on each other, the FX language the factors that drive this market.

* Chart Perspective. 

How to look at a chart using my perspective to build a trading strategy that may be  short, medium or long term.I take you through step by step how i arrive atthe times i trade and build my strategies

* Where to place stops on trades.

Stops can do both, they can not only keep you from movements the wrong way, however if in the wrong place can rob you of  getting to your target.

* At what point to extend a target. 

 Extending a target needs to be undertaken only in special circumstances 

* At what point to reduce a target.

Both of the above have to be done successfully in order  to achieve the best results from your trades

* The psychology of trading. 

Keeping the winning mentality alive and dealing with a loss.

* Money management.

I  outline all the issues that arise for both new and OLD traders and the traps they fall into with money management and risk.

* Avoiding the emotional roller coaster while a trade is alive.

The emotional roller coaster can be something that stifles new traders and needs to be addressed to keep the winning mentality. I once heard someone who is supposed to be a great teacher and trader tell a student only a genius could make money in these markets, very sad, why not explain what to do in those markets to make a smaller profit  turning it into winning instead of negativity.

* How to use my strategies for various markets.

How to pull a strategy apart and fit it into a different currency pair.

* How to use the features of the PT3 on any market.
Using the PT3 is the integral part of my trading. The course covers how to use it trading and the use of its filters and back testing capabilities.

Below is what accompanies the Course.

  * 70 Page Manual  fully illustrated.

  * Video Series overview compiled as if working through the Course.

  * Tutorial on using the PT 3 Code, back testing  with excel from the results of the code.

  * Risk spreadsheets set out in Excel.

  * Year Calendar specific to FX. 

  * Previous 2 months of trades on a video overview i produce weekly.

  * Membership giving you access to ongoing weekly video overview of all trades presented 

     with my commentary on EVERY trading opportunity highlighted, this is very well                     received and a must.

  * 3 Month follow up mentor support for questions and appraisal of your progress and

        the trades you  are placing. 


                                                                                                     Sandy wrote " This course has positively changed my life"

This course is the first real inroad in anything i have purchased or studied , the cost is a pittance compared to its real value.Mark you are truly one of the greats and i thank you so much.This course has positively changed my life from sheer frustration to wealth and happiness . As for 100% return for the year , i am already  up 75% in 6 months,maybe using more percentage than i should, however you strategies are so accurate i feel safe in the trades i am taking.
                                                                                                                           Sandy P , Cairns.