What you will learn and receive in the Course Package.
Overview of Course Options

The way forward in 2022

What to expect from my mentoring and tuition.

As  we see a tightening in finances for everyone due to  Covid 19,  in 2022 I   have introduced extra options for  those of you who have a passion to achieve something most never will  from Trading in a more cost effective approach..

What you will achieve from this Course?

Firstly you will have faith, maybe for the very first time in the trades you will be undertaking.

I cover the emotional side of trading especially dealing with a loss and also what not to do after a series of winning trades.

                                             Tier 1 Trades

Part A of the Course is the PT3 Bar Formation strategy .

What  makes this strategy combine with the Indicator Tool ,  light years above the herd is the fact it is coded with built in back test and export facilities and marks the set up automatically on chart as per the guidelines that can be preset , then sends alert to screen and phone.This removes 80% of subjectivity from your trading immediately and is the largest breakthrough I have ever achieved in developing a trading strategy which accounts for basically 80% of  my own trading.
I have never seen or used any system or strategy that comes close to the accuracy of what is achieved using this configuration as a base to start a trade from, especially when it may be used on any time frame up to and including a 6 month chart of an Index.The significant pull back of the Dow Jones in January February this year was actually identified back in January 2013 using this bar structure and is the first thing I show my clients once they have first worked through the configuration and filters showing them the power of what this achieves.

                                      Tier 2 Trades 

Part B is the 100% Non-Subjective PT3 Home Trades

This part of the course introduces you to trading with no subjectivity, these trades are taken at specific levels projected from the winning PT3 Tier 1 trades. This strategy overcomes the 3 major problems both new and experienced traders face which are -

No 1 - 100% Non Subjective 

No 2- Ease of placing pending orders between 8 and up to 48 hours prior to trade being triggered

No 3- Above 90% success rate

When you work  through this you will clearly see the specific levels in play  the algos used to drive the market operate on and why, if you do not know this, how it is almost impossible to make money trading this financial instrument.


Specific Course Options


 Platinum Package

 When you want  the Flagship  of  Ultimate  Exclusive Learning 

This is the ultimate trading package when only the best will do . This is a  3 Day +4 night live trading sessions course. A boutique experience second to none.

    2 Day 1 on 1 - In Office

  This is the most popular Option

This is the most common package which gives you the exclusive 1 on 1 time with Mark

2 Day Home/Online

This package is designed for those who cannot travel or want the time with Mark via live link but more cost  effective than the full 2 days.This option is run monthly at set times via 4 x 1.5 sessions, a very good middle of the road package.

2 Day  Home Study


This is for those wishing to secure the course in the most cost effective manner and happy to proceed at their own pace.



This is for those simply interested in stocks using the PT3 Indicator Tool as a trade instigator and also using it for longer term trading or calculating index targets , this makes you realize how pathetic the Managed Fund industry really

is !