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Home Study with Live Link .     

This  package is designed to give you close to the experience as participating in the course in office .The difference being with live link there maybe up to 2 other students also on the same session time  as you , but I limit it to that, for this reason I offer the course at a price between the 2 Day 1 on 1 and the straight Home Study without my time.

The course is 4 x 1.5 hour sessions, which means it is not as much as in office, I have set it this way to be more of an overview after you have worked through the manual, so the suggested process is, have a look through the manual initially, then come back working through it in the sections I cover in each class, so you will have the basic understanding then I will elaborate or answer your questions , this works very well and is  very popular especially with travel restrictions.  
This Course is  conducted early evening with the sessions over a 2 week period which enables you plenty of time for preliminary understanding,

Undertaking the  course in this manner also assists with not having to take time off work or add travel costs to learn and move forward