Trading Stocks using the PT3 Formation

This is a specifically designed course using the PT3 Strategy for those wishing to trade stocks or have an investment portfolio or SMSF. This course will assist in growing your investment at a more significant pace than a Managed Fund. This strategy and coding can be used on any value stock which tend to have more significant moves if you are looking more for growth than stability, using this you will quickly come to realize how in effective Fund Managers are.



This strategy may be used right through to a yearly chart of the ASX or any Stock Index, whilst that fact may make you think “ yeah right” it does exactly that. The formation is produced through united volatility.

I have even gone back to 1925 when the Dow Jones hit 155 this calculation gave a target of 361 points , this would have been ridiculed out of town , however it did it and overshot by 25 points in 4 years , this calculation is worked on a 6 month chart.

NAB some 30 years ago entered at $8.50 ( at that stage there was no previous trading or levels to go by) with 2 target extensions of 100% gave a final exit at $21.58. Back then did anyone ever think it was conceivable for it to get there.No WAY  but this strategy put it there.
Once again when  the market turned down in 2007 it gave the perfect get out with a target low of $21.00 a very safe place to re enter.
This is just 1 stock .The returns and knowledge to exit and buy on this 1 Stock alone will leave any Fund Manager in the dark, sad but true.
Silver Lake Resources (SLR) A small cap resource stock. Entry Level $0.33 had a target of $0.77 .It overshot by .02 and now it is trading back $0.36  at the time of writing .
Newcrest Mining (NCM) Entry at $14.00 Target $25.50 . Hot target and overshot by $2.00 and that is where it has stalled for now until we see another buy signal produced. 

The strategy is NOT indicator based just adapting the concept of how i trade the smaller moves in FX scaled up to day,week month . The fact i adopt the specific calculation technique from the full 2 Day course is what helps determine the success and as you will see after using it leads the field in strategy and target placement.
This particular module provides where you enter, stop loss level and then more importantly how to calculate and where to put the exit to the trade. Once a trade is in place then you leave it alone.
This style of trading is only set up when there is united volatility , which is what happens when stocks have either turned up, down  or breaking through making new highs . 


European Metal Holdings (EMH) A lithium play , once again no resistance levels etc etc ,cant use indicators as there is not enough trading days to form it , once again this strategy gave a buy signal at 0.515 and a target of $1.29 a massive gain for an unknown outcome, it went to $1.39 and that is where it hit a brick wall, once again money banked and searching for a new stock to take its place .

This module can be purchased individually even though it is part of the Full 2 Day & 3 Day Courses I provide. Consisting of manual  complete with  explicit diagrams , calculations, risk calculator table  and rules.
This is a 1 Day Course-  1 on 1 with me or can be done as Home Study.