Firstly let me ask, what is it you truly are seeking  in a Course ?

Are you simply grinding through things to make some money, or are you on a quest to change your life?

As you are aware using gimmicks  in advertising is something I strongly resist, however  sometimes in our life unless we can envisage our future in a positive way  and dream a little as to actually where  we wish to be, then sadly a large percentage of people will never trigger that drive and develop the passion to put the effort in to make that change  and transition into a whole new lifestyle. 




























                            The Ultimate Learning experience - 

                How to manifest Dreams into Reality .

This Course is not for everyone, it is for those who understand  that professionalism comes at a price,  when you are seeking  the best of the best, to deliver what your inner sole demands from you and when you must get it right first time.

This Course is a comprehensive package, it covers the full scope of every facet required to be SUCCESSFUL, it is  only about making money for you moving forward, you are not going to learn anything that is not relevant to producing an income, I do not wish to waste my time and your money with that, this is about what works and works the BEST to gain financial freedom. By doing that means your learning journey is shortened dramatically.

I have been shown many supposed top level Courses over my time, none of which compare anywhere near this Course, This  is the Flagship of any educational material in the market place today.
If you want to be in the top 10% of Traders, not spend 12 months learning stuff that is not relevant  and learn from a Professional Trader today then this Course option is what you require.

Which foot do you want to be?

Driving in style.


When you undertake this Course and gain genuine knowledge of how the market is structured,  you will  finally start to understand  exactly what it  will  be like to have that lifestyle change. Being able to earn an income from home and without a boss or having employees to continually account for. When you consider this option and the cost, in all honesty it comes down to, can I afford NOT to pay for education of this substance. Being taught by someone with NO strings attached to a Broker  is the ONLY way you are going to make the changes in your trading and your life that need to happen and be able to make money consistently! 

The memories you could create for your children

In these sessions I trade a live account  and you are also welcome to follow  trading live or  on Demo or just watch, during the time in these sessions we revise any areas needed, but mainly discuss the setups as they may occur, these sessions are usually done via live link.

Who needs to work through this extended course?
Anyone who knows trading is going to be their ultimate income source and wants to get way more out of life than you are now and realizes  spending as much time with a genuine successful trader like Mark  giving you far more individual one on one participation   than the  other packages where your queries may be responded to with a phone call rather than an email, you receive priority with any queries you may have. 


The Course is a continuation of the content of the 2  Day 1 on 1 Course moving more in depth  and also encompassing the Stock Market with the strategies I  use. If you have a manage your own Stock Portfolio or have   a SMSF  you will very quickly see how working with me compared to the poor returns from Banks and Managed Funds will open your eyes . This Course option is only taught here in my office as 1 on 1.The third day expands on the use of the PT3 and how to adapt it over various markets, also with this course are 2 more Indicators I have developed to run on Trading View a for Share selection. Moving on from the Day classes are  6 x 1 1/2 Hour sessions during the best trading hours from around 6.00 p.m through until 8.30 p.m.Brisbane time or what is happening around those times.


Being number 1  takes work, money and time, nothing of value comes  from not investing in these 3 attributes.

How can i justify  paying almost $15,000 for this Course ?

Firstly you are securing the services of 23 Years of trading experience, that experience roughly cost close to $50,000 in  combined losses over the time, on the flip side many specific trades have returned over $20,000.00, however the losses is where your focus must initially be, I have countless people come to me and over a matter of 5 years have already lost in excess of $40,000.00 and still trying to work out where they are going wrong. To me that money is far better off being spent in education.

Here is an example of 2 charts, first a blank chart, where would you place your trades? How much for example if you have  a $15,000.00 account would you think it possible to make from this activity, then secondly what i see on mine and the resultant trades taken using 3% Risk. The 2nd chart  has 3 identified trade scenarios in 24 hours, Each of those 3 trades resulted in $1015.00 profit each, totaling $3045.00, this represents a return of just over 20% in 1 single day. Supposing at the very worst , it takes 1 month to cover the cost of your course. This is the power of what i use, and the capabilities and the ease of use, how many mages of chart shave you seen and how many have an easy to see and work with setup with target clearly highlighted trades have you seen? the answer is ZERO, this is why I am at the top of the educational tree, this is the level of expertise you are securing.

If you want top be in that Top 5% of elite Traders then this  this Course gives the very best edge of attaining what is required.

In the business world the motto of the most successful business owners is, " always employ the best"

This is what you are securing in hiring my services with this Course Option.

For further details of what i cover over the 3 days  and sessions, please give me a call to  discuss or arrange a time to visit me and overview your journey.


8 ways wealthy people stay rich (and get richer) and how                              this associates with trading.

1. They learn how to create wealth

Flick through Forbes Rich List or AFR’s Young Rich List on any given year and you’ll notice the majority of entrants are in the business of wealth creation. 

Maybe they started their own business, had an amazing idea or are at the pinnacle of their field. 

The lesson here is that these people have given it a go and as a result are able to generate their own income and assets to grow their overall wealth

2. They take smart risks

Wealthy people understand that there is no reward without risk

Of course, you could always win the lottery, but you could also get struck by lightning. It’s not something you want to rely on.

So whether it’s borrowing money to grow a business or investing in income generating assets over the long-term, rich people are comfortable with taking on a reasonable level of risk to generate an above average return. 

3. … But they do their homework

While the wealthy are happy to take a risk, they do their homework carefully before making a move. 

They put in the time and effort to ensure they have every base covered, and they’re not emotional about it. If the deal doesn’t stack up, they’ll just walk away.

4. They’re not afraid of failure

Gerry Harvey once said , “you’ve never been in business until you’ve been to the brink, looked over the cliff, learnt the lesson and then stepped back.” 

Great advice. I thought he was just being grumpy until it happened to me and realized how insightful he is.

5. They’re frugal

This one always stumps people. Aren’t rich people constantly splurging on designer watches, eating out and first class flights? Nope. 

It’s much more likely that they’re watching every dollar that goes in and out like a hawk: it’s how they got so rich in the first place (and why they’ll stay that way). 

According to research Paul Sullivan completed with financial psychologist Brad Klontz, the richest one per cent eats out 30 per cent less than an average wealthy person, and also saves 30 per cent more for retirement

Frugal and conservative decisions like these are a way of life for wealthy people and extend into all aspects of their finances. They prefer to spend their money on information and buying expert advice.

6. They work hard (really hard)

Self-made people know from experience that one of the surest ways of rising above the rest is working harder than everyone else. 

There’s no way around it. In almost any field, if you’re looking for work life balance and reasonable hours then chances are you’re not going to be striking it rich. 

So if you’re looking to earn lots of money, get ready to make some sacrifices

7. … And drive a hard bargain

Most wealthy people are born negotiators who want the very best deal in every situation, and are prepared to haggle to get it.

They don’t get embarrassed about pushing too hard on a purchase and are relentless in getting the best deal on everything they can.

8. Finally, they keep their feet on the ground

I am a  big believer that the richest people are those with a great family around them, not just a lot of money in the bank. In our experience the “wannabe’s” are usually the pains in the backside while those who have made it are terrific people.

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